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Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

download (4)She’s back….

Stephanie Plum and her wonderful, quirky friends (and lovers) are back for another hilarious ride through Trenton, New Jersey in Smokin’ Seventeen. Bodies are showing up in the back of Vinnie’s lot, with some leaving messages for Stephanie. Mooner and his bus play some important roles in this installation, and Grandma Bella is still putting nasty spells on everyone. Not much about Grandma Mazur this time, but Lulu is at her best believing she is now a vampire.

So funny! Just read and enjoy.



One thought on “Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

  1. Janet Evanovich delivers another laugh out loud Stephanie Plum book. I always have fits of laughter when reading all about Stephanie, her family and of course her two boyfriends (both smokin' hot too). For anyone who hasn't read any of the other sixteen books in this series then you are missing out big time and you had better get started at number one because once you start you will be hanging out for the next one. I guarantee you will not be disappointed so get started and read about Stephanie's very poor choice of career as a bounty hunter. Not to give anything away but she is lousy at it and it is just pure dumb luck that she ever catches anyone (though she does get better at the stun gun)but has no luck at keeping her cars from blowing up, catching fire or having dead bodies in them!


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