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Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

 WeirdSistersUSPaperbackEleanor Brown must have been channeling her inner Shakespeare when writing this first novel! My boy Bill’s presence is obvious in the main characters’ names: Rosalind, Bianca, and Cordelia, as well as in references throughout. The adult daughters of a small Ohio college’s Shakespearean scholar return home to help care for their sick mother. Sounds sweet and simple, yes? Not so fast, dear reader! These ladies bring more emotional baggage and hidden agendas with them than Edwardian heiresses sailing to Europe. The Weird Sisters is actually a wonderful tale of sisters, long-estranged, rediscovering old ties and strengthening them as adults. Each sister must work through her own demons but finds she’s no longer fighting alone. They come to support each others’ joys as well as lend a helping hand. With their father wafting through in iambic pentameter and their mother’s gentle courage, these three find their way home in every sense of the word.


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