Carol / Mystery

Paganini’s Ghost by Paul Adam

download (3)A priceless violin once owned by composer-violinist Paganini, a young Russian prodigy who plays it at a special concert, and a dead Parisian art dealer found with an antique gold box and a torn scrap of the piece played the night before at the concert: what better setting could there be?

In Paganini’s Ghost, Paul Adam’s second novel (after The Rainaldi Quartet), we are once again transported to Cremona, Italy to the home of luthier (violin-maker) Gianni Castiglione. Gianni is pulled into the mystery by his friend, Detective Guastafeste, because of his expertise in musical history and violins. The two travel across Europe tracking clues to both the current murder and also a century old mystery tied to Paganini, the Bonapartes, and Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

History, mystery, music, and likeable characters – download some of Paganini’s works to play in the background and settle in with this great read!



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