Carol / Suspense/Thriller

The Genesis Secret by Tom Knox

61+XOzVWLML._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_In the deserts of eastern Turkey, archaeologists are unearthing a stone temple, the world’s most ancient building. When Journalist Rob Luttrell is sent to report on the dig, he is intrigued to learn that someone deliberately buried the site 10,000 years ago. Why? Meanwhile, in London, a bizarre attack is baffling the police. When a weird killing takes place on the Isle of Man, followed by another in rural Dorset, DC Mark Forrester begins to discern a curious pattern in these apparently random murders. What weaves together these two stories is the Genesis Secret: a revelation so shocking it may threaten the social structure of the world.

The story is compelling and the characters well-drawn, but I almost couldn’t finish this book. The killings are gruesome, described in great detail, and escalate in both areas as the story unfolds. The killer’s personality, when revealed, makes it all plausible, but that doesn’t change the fact that I found the amplified depictions gratuitous.

This is obviously a mixed review, but I wanted to share both sides. The Genesis Secret is a good read for those with strong stomachs or the ability to skim.


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