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Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

512sTU74jbL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_OK, this review of “Through My Eyes” would be more timely if it had been written in January when the Broncos were in the postseason, but since the book is still on on the best-seller list, here it goes.  Many Americans (myself included) first heard of Tim Tebow two years ago when his commercial aired during the Superbowl.  At that time he had just finished a standout career at the University of Florida and had been drafted by the Denver Broncos.  This book fills in all the details that those of us who don’t follow the NFL too closely may have missed.  The book is a spiritual memoir in the style of “Quiet Strength” by Tony Dungy (and writer Nathan Whitaker co-wrote both of them).  It introduces us to the Tebow family and recounts the dramatic story of Tim’s birth in the Philippines while his parrents were missionaries.  It recounts Tim’s childhood on a farm near Jacksonville, FL, his years of playing high school football while being homeschooled, and his decision to play college football at the Swamp in Florida.  There are plenty of play-by-play recounts of the college football games (as the Gators won two conference championships), but it also gives Tim a chance to share his faith.  Those who admire Christian athletes will certainly want to read this book, as it provides an intimate look at the life of an up-and-coming player (and preacher).

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One thought on “Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

  1. reat inspiration to read with my daughter!
    Reading this with my daughter has been a gift I'll treasure forever. I hadn't expected a young man to have much wisdom to share just being so young (and he addresses that nicely), but I have found more than just the story enjoyable – the book has been a great conversation piece for me with my 10 year old daughter.


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