Karen / Women's Fiction

Yankee Doodle Dixie by Lisa Patton

51pwsG8DNPL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Spoiler alert***This is a sequel! LeeLee is back from Vermont and trying to get her life back together in Lisa Patton’s newest, Yankee Doodle Dixie. While being a southern belle is all well and good, LeeLee must now find a new place to live and even more frightening – a job! Luckily she still has some friends in Memphis, and is able to land a position with a radio station doing, well, just about everything. LeeLee is then able to find a house to rent in a decent area, even though her next door neighbor is interesting to say the least. With her beloved Kissie and friends around, is it enough for LeeLee?



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