Carol / Historical Fiction / Mystery

The Crimson Rooms by Katherine McMahon

7140222Evelyn Gifford is still reeling from the death of her brother James in the Great War when a young woman appears on the doorstep with a small boy who she claims is her son by James. Evelyn, herself, is trying to make a life and living as one of a small crop of female barristers reluctantly allowed by the ‘old guard’ to practice law.

On the professional front, she becomes involved in the defense of a former soldier accused of killing his wife. At home, her widowed mother and spinster aunt fight acknowledging their changing times and fortunes, and now appears this mysterious stranger with her statements and demands. Lastly, although Evelyn believes she has accepted her likely permanent status as a spinster, another barrister enters her case and her life. It is a topsy-turvy world and Evelyn is caught up in it totally.

Did Simon Wheeler really kill his young bride, Stella? If so, why? Although there is no doubt Edmund is James’ son, what does Meredith really want and how does she plan to get it? And, most importantly, has Nicholas Thorne truly fallen in love with her despite his engagement to the wealthy and beautiful Sylvia Hardynge, or is she only a tool to keep him informed in the Wheeler case?

The Crimson Rooms was a good audiobook: easy to follow despite multiple characters and story lines, and the narrator was excellent.


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