Award Winning / Karen / Women's Fiction

Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

12737118Forty-something Alice Buckle is just not happy any more. Her marriage is just a bit dull & routine, her teenage children only tolerate her, and her part time job is just not that fulfilling. When Alice has the opportunity to become part of an online survey on marriage, she jumps at it. She then becomes the anonymous “Wife 22”. She is paired up with “Reasearcher 101” and much of the story from then on is in the form of online chatting and text messaging. Alices feels very comfortable telling Researcher 101 everything; perhaps a little too comfortable. Alice’s friends are concerned that she is relying too much on this, but Alice refuses to listen. And that’s when the problems really begin!

Wife 22 is light but not fluffy, sad but not depressing, and can be amusing as well.


Read alike author: Elin Hilderbrand

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