Karen / Women's Fiction

When in Doubt, Add Butter by Beth Harbison

13051956Another decent chick-lit from Beth Harbison, this time centering around a personal chef with the same issue that many young women face: career or love life. Can you really have it all? Gemma Craig has tried very hard to grow her culinary business, and even though her life isn’t exactly the way she envisioned, well, that’s OK. She does have quite the cast of characters that she caters to: the owner of a huge department store chain, the neurotic wife of a television producer, a Russian psychic, and a social-climbing reality TV wannabee. Her most interesting client is a man she calls Mr. Tuesday since she cooks for him on Tuesdays but has never, ever seen him. They communicate by witty little notes, which is one bright spot in what can be some very tedious work. Gemma’s friends are a little concerned that she is working too hard, and convince her to take a night out. And what a night out it becomes! When in Doubt, Add Butter turns at this point from a working-girl day-to-day challenges novel into a romantic, when will I see him again story. You will be rooting for Gemma all he way!


Read-alike author: Lauren Weisberger


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