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Your Voice In My Head: A Memoir by Emma Forrest

your-voice-in-my-head-book-imageI’m usually wary of an audio book read by the author. Much of the time their readings are flat and read in a style fine for a short reading in a bookstore but boring for an entire audio book. Emma Forrest’s reading of the audio version of her memoir YourVoice In My Head is an exception. She puts a great deal of life into her reading without going overboard and pulls the listener along through her at times disturbing but always fascinating tale.

Your Voice In My Head is Forrest’s telling of her lengthy battle with mental illness. She has problems with cutting, suicidal thoughts (and attempts), and bulimia. Certainly not cheery material, but one of the things I liked about Your Voice In My Head was that she does not become morose and miserable (at least in writing about her experiences). She often pokes fun at her strange behavior and does a good job describing where her mind was at various troubled times.  She spends a lot of the book trying to get at why she did these awful things to herself and why, at least at the book’s end, she has stopped doing them.

Forrest also talks a lot about a sometimes boyfriend she refers to as GH or her gypsy husband. A little Googling revealed that she dated actor Colin Farrell and, since she keeps talking about GH leaving to go film movies, this is probably who she is talking about. Google also told me that she dated television and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, although I’m not sure if he was mentioned in the book. All in all, this is a well written and read book on a dark subject.


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