Award Winning / Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

6746018Kate Morton managed to once again engross me in the saga The Distant Hours. This time, the story centers around the three Blythe sisters, twins Persephone and Seraphina and their younger damaged sister Juniper. Set in creepy Milderhurst Castle, the novel begins in present day when a young writer, Edie Burchill, is visiting her mother Meredith when a letter arrives that has been lost for decades. The letter is from Milderhurst Castle, and Meredith is very upset about it. Edie is intrigued, especially since her very favorite book, The True History of the Mud Man, was written by the owner of Milderhurst Castle before Edie was born. Meredith has never mentioned Milderhurst to Edie, and refuses to discuss the letter. So of course Edie decides to travel to Kent to find out what her mother is hiding. Then things get interesting!

This novel has all the elements of those old gothic novels: dark old hallways, locked rooms, insanity, murder, and most of all – secrets.




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