Award Winning / Carol / Mainstream Fiction / Women's Fiction

The Beginner’s Goodbye by Anne Tyler

beginnerjpg-3ab45d7f0ec684d9Aaron, an editor in his family’s small vanity publishing house and handicapped from childhood, finds love and joy when he meets and marries Dorothy, a down-to-earth physician who treats him like a fully functioning adult. They’ve settled into married life when tragedy strikes and Dorothy dies. Aaron retreats from everything and everybody in his grief until Dorothy reappears. He’s never sure when it will happen or how long she’ll stay, but he begins working through his feelings of loss and guilt and distance from the rest of the world. The Aaron who was fiercely self-reliant learns that accepting a hand at times is neither a sign of weakness nor a threat to his independence. The title comes from a line of self-help books Aaron edits for everything from weddings to home buying to choosing a doctor and encompasses his journey in this tale of love, loss, and coming out on the other side. The Beginner’s Goodbye is Anne Tyler at her best.

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