Carol / Mystery

The Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller

12224817Gadfly: 2) a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism.

Alienated teenager, budding journalist, Iris Dupont is sent to Mariana Academy by her parents in an effort to get her past her best friend’s suicide. Believing a total change of environment will make her more normal (something she’s never been!), they move to a small, western Massachusetts town and enroll her in this seemingly upscale, quality school. Let the fun begin.

Iris’s constant companion is the chain-smoking, dead journalist, Edward R. Murrow, who helps her investigate a series of anomalies between the school’s facade and realities that keep surfacing. As Iris digs deeper, she is torn between her investigative reporter persona and questions of loyalty. There are many secrets – both old and new – that are affecting the academy, the students and faculty, and Iris’s evolution from child to adult. The Year of the Gadfly is a classic roman á clef in the tradition of The Secret History and A Separate Peace.


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