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Book, Line, and Sinker by Jenn McKinlay

BookLineSinker_cover-210Book, Line, and Sinker lives up to its claim: A Library Lovers Mystery. The main character in this cozy is Lindsey Norris, Library Director for the Briar Creek Public Library. Located on the Connecticut coast, Briar Creek is a charming small town where nothing bad happens. Well, that is not quite true. When a salvage company comes to town to look for Captain Kidd’s treasure on an island right off the coast, lots of bad things start to happen. And worst of all…a murder! Lindsey and children’s librarian Beth find themselves right in the middle of it all, along with several library patrons and Lindsey’s new beau, Mike Sullivan.

Avid readers and frequent library visitors will love all the references made in this novel to book characters and reading clubs, as well as all of the colorful library staff and patrons.


Read-alike: Miss Zukas Mysteries by Jo Dereske


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