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The Pretty One: A Novel About Sisters by Lucinda Rosenfeld

14781234The Pretty One is a hard novel to describe. By reading the blurb on the cover, I thought it might be kind of creepy. Reading reviews, I thought it might be kind of funny. After the first chapter, I thought it might be kind of a family saga. But none of the above is quite right. This novel is very real. What I mean by that is that it could be about any family at any time in any place.

It is the story of three sisters: Perri – the perfect one, Gus – the political one, and Olympia, the pretty one. They struggle to live each day just like anyone else, but at the same time, they have the additional burden of being pushed into a certain role or type in their family. Anger, jealousy, confusion, happiness and love all happen at the same time.

Again, a story that is very real. The characters are interesting and believable. Not a lot of action, but plenty of sibling rivalry and secrets to keep it moving. Overall, a pretty good read.


Readalike author: Joshilyn Jackson


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