Memoir / Nonfiction

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger

14546626The Governator has written his memoir, and it is a page turner.  Total Recall, taken from the title of one of his movies, is a great example of an “only-in-America” story.  Arnold talks candidly about how as a young bodybuilder in Austria he longed to be a world champion and come to America.  When in America he was determined to be a movie star and then governor.  Clearly, Arnold thinks big. He became a Republican upon his arrival in America in 1968 when he watched a debate between Nixon and Humphrey.  Having experienced socialism in Austria, Arnold embraced Nixon’s free-market capitalism.  Arnold also speaks lovingly about Maria Shriver, whom he married in 1986, but the final chapter in the memoir, “The Secret,” is about the indiscretion that brought his marriage to an end.  Arnold proves the adage “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”; however, I still have tremendous respect for him.  Even though I don’t agree with all of his principles, he is very straightforward about what he believes and works hard to achieve his goals.  Arnold concludes the book with his list of ten rules for living–among them are “Reps, Reps, Reps” and “Stay Hungry.”  The memoir clearly reflects all of those rules and shows that Arnold’s success was no accident but was clearly planned and executed.


If you enjoy this book, you will like Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me by Jesse Ventura.


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