Karen / Suspense/Thriller

Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay

13542982Trust Your Eyes has to be the most suspenseful book I have read in years! This is the story of Ray Kilbride, a talented illustrator living a fairly simple life. But this simple life is turned upside down when the accidental death of his father means having to move back home to look after his adult brother Thomas, who has schizophrenia. Thomas is really into maps. And I mean really into maps. Maps cover the walls of not only his entire bedroom, but all over the hallway as well. Thomas is also on a mapping website that shows you areas in real time. You see, Thomas has been doing work for the government. He believes there is a security threat to the nation’s GPS System, and at some point they will need him because not only does Thomas really like maps, he can memorize them. He can tell you exactly what is on the corner of Main and Second Streets in Boston. Or Chicago. Or Paris. Thomas is very happy with his work until one day, while on the website, he believes he witnesses a murder in New York. Thomas begs Ray to investigate.

Is there anything to be found, or is it all in his brother’s head?


Read-alike author: Harlan Coben


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