Horror / Karen

The Circle by Bentley Little

14288395This creepy novella is just what you would expect from Bentley Little.

The inhabitants of the neighborhood of William Tell Circle (better known as The Circle are in for quite a night. For Helen and her husband, a knock at the door brings a very unwanted and unpleasant stranger. And what this stranger leaves behind is even more unwanted and unpleasant.

And then there is young Frank, who with some local boys decide to investigate a shrine on the property of a very strange lady. Frank knows his older brother and one of his friends are going that night, and decide to follow them. What do Frank and his buddies see? Once again, very unwanted and very unpleasant.

And finally there is Gil, who goes out into the night simply to walk his dog. But when Gil encounters the son of one of his neighbors, well, let’s just say being nosy can make you not only unwanted but also unpleasant.

The three stories are loosely linked, and only a master horror writer like Bentley Little can pull it all together.

So if you are in the mood for something unwanted and unpleasant, here you go…


Read-alike author: Stephen King (but only for this novella)


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