Award Winning / Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

The Secret Keeper: a Novel by Kate Morton

51y4p1CDQIL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_True to form, Kate Morton has once again written a sweeping saga, this time set in 1941 London during the war. The novel begins in 1961, when main character Laurel, then 16, witnesses a horrific act committed by her mother, Dorothy. Then, we jump ahead to 2011, and Dorothy is dying. Laurel has never forgotten what she saw so many years before, and wants to uncover what really happened before her mother dies.  The tension slowly builds as Laurel realizes that the woman she has known as her sweet, loving mother was an entirely different person when she was young.

The Secret Keeper is the story of love, hope, desperation and deceit. Just as expected, the author has written an intense novel with special attention to historical details and the complexities of the human spirit and the will to survive.

At 484 pages, I was still left with wanting more. You really care about her characters, and do not want the story to end.

This is well worth the time it takes to finish!


Read-alike: The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer


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