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Moon Over Edisto by Beth Webb Hart

Moon-Over-Edisto-high-res-image-3-672x1024Moon Over Edisto is a quiet southern story about a very dysfunctional family. Years earlier, Julia Bennett’s father leaves his family for a younger woman. Now, you’ve heard this story before, I’m sure. But there’s a twist in this novel – the younger woman he leaves her for is none other than Julia’s best friend and college roommate, Marney. Obviously, both Julia, her sister Meg and their mother Mary Ellen are devastated.

But life goes on. Meg marries her childhood sweetheart, Mary Ellen moves into the family’s Charleston home and gets a job in an antique store, and Julia, well, she becomes an artist and becomes engaged herself. Marney and her father go on to have 3 children and stay in the cottage on Edisto Island, and if all is not well, at least it is quiet. Even when the two sisters and their mother find out that Mr. Bennett has died unexpectedly, they still go on.

But one evening, Marney shows up at Julia’s apartment with a favor to ask. A huge favor. A favor that will forever change Julia’s life, as well as her sister’s and mother’s.

Very well done with great characters and an attention to detail, this is a good read for those who like a family saga that is more on the gentle side.


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