Karen / Mystery

Cast On Kill Off by Maggie Sefton

12393757Cast On, Kill Off is a simple cozy set in a simple small town. The characters are all young professionals that often meet in a knitting shop to catch up and gossip. The mysteries in this simple series always involve one of the “group”. The main character, Kelly Flynn, is an accountant and a fairly recent transplant to the simple, small town of Fort Collins, Colorado. She lives in a simple cottage that she inherited from her aunt that happens to be right across from the knitting shop. She also happens to be a simple amateur sleuth.

Cast on, Kill Off is the 10th in this simple series. This time, Kelly’s friend Megan is about to get married. When the seamstress who is making all of the dresses is suddenly (and simply) murdered, everyone at the knitting shop is stunned. Who could do this? Perhaps her abusive husband? Or her former boss who is now her competition?

Since the police must be simple-minded, Kelly decides to try and find the killer herself. With the help of former policeman, Pete, who now spins for a simple living, can they solve this simple mystery?

Simply find out by reading Maggie Sefton’s newest entry.


Read-alike authors:  Anne Canadeo, Monica Ferris


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