Carol / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

7159515 Annie O’Sullivan is a real estate broker on Vancouver Island, British Columbia when she is abducted by David posing as a client. We know immediately that she survived months of captivity in a remote mountain cabin and was finally able to escape. The story is told primarily between flashbacks and therapy sessions with her psychiatrist.

What we, and Annie, come to realize is that there is much more to the story than a (pardon me) simple abduction and hostage-taking. There are layers beneath the surface involving her past, familial, social, and romantic relationships.
The story is gritty, creepy, and very unsettling in its unfolding. I listened to it and am not sure which would be more disturbing – print or audio. I know I had to take breaks from listening when it became too intense. The narration sometimes was too good.
I’m no prude, but I felt use of expletives was gratuitous – especially two with 4 letters starting with “s” and “f.” They ultimately created a second line of awareness that distracted from the narrative.

Gripping and disturbing, Still Missing is a debut novel by an author worth watching.

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