Carol / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott

51N1nDzc5GL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Set in an upper Midwest suburb in the mid-1980s, Lizzie is a 13-year-old living with her brother and recently divorced mother. Her best friend is 13-year-old Evie, with whom she believes she shares every thought and secret as only pre-pubescent girls can. Evie lives across the street in the charmed Verver house with her sister Dusty, who’s “a deeply glamorous seventeen” in Lizzie’s eyes.

When Evie suddenly goes missing, all eyes turn to Lizzie as her best friend and confidant. But Lizzie has no answers and as time passes, realizes she didn’t know her best friend as well as she thought. Soon, she’s reviewing many of her thoughts, feelings, and assumptions as well. The End of Everything is both a thriller and a roman á clef.

Abbott’s book was well-told and presented believable characters and scenarios. I was totally engaged.



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