Carol / Mystery

The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny

16045144Long secluded in an island monastery in remote, northern Quebec, a Gilbertine order of monks has produced a recording of Gregorian chants. Having taken a vow of silence, their music is their only vocal outlet and their means of worship. When the recording explodes on the world music stage, all is irreparably changed.


The choirmaster is found dead and the murderer must be one of the members. Chief Inspector Gamache and his partner, Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir must solve the murder without their usual support staff and with few modern comforts. As each works to unravel the clues and conflicting statements, the lives of the monks continue in their ancient patterns. The music is both sublime and terrible – it is the heart of the order and may now lead to its demise. The Beautiful Mystery is Louise Perry’s 8th Inspector Armand Gamache novel and she has taken me to another new place of thought and emotion.

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