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Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

16141924Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians, and I have watched all of his performances and laughed hysterically each time. So I had very high expectations when I learned that he had written a book. And I was not disappointed!

I chose to listen to the audiobook since I was already familiar with his routine. I do recommend this to those that have watched him perform.

Dad is Fat is a series of essays written by Jim Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie about their five children and what it is like to be their dad. All are funny and sweet. He covers everything from family vacations (they usually rent a tour bus even though they also have to rent hotel rooms in order to have the use of a pool) to simple daily routines, such as bedtime, meals, and school.

Jim Gaffigan is considered a “clean” comedian, so there was no cringing at inappropriate comments. Just lots of laughs!


Readalike author: Bill Cosby


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