Karen / Women's Fiction

Stargazey Point by Elizabeth Noble

519AXSucqfL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Stargazey Point is another good beach read by Elizabeth Noble. Not a lot of action, not a lot of sex or violence (although there is one creepy uncle scene), and not a lot of drama. Just a good story about a young woman named Abbie Sinclair that goes to the home of a friend to try and get herself together after a great loss. The home is actually an estate on the South Carolina Coast that is in need of some TLC. The owners are elderly siblings that do not have the money or the inclination to fix it. Even the town itself, Stargazey Point, mimics the estate. Just a bit run down and no money to fix it. There are a few residents that hope to make some changes, and one of those residents is Cab Reynolds, a former summer worker that has his own demons to get over.

Of course, you know that Cab and Abbie are destined to meet…

Just sit back and enjoy.


Readalike author: Nancy Thayer


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