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Divergent by Victoria Roth

I did not see this coming: I loved this audio!

A young adult novel set in some dystopian Chicago world run by factions based on character attributes; how out of my comfort zone is that! But Divergent drew me in on the first disc and I never looked back.

Having turned 16, Beatrice Prior must choose which faction she will train with and hopefully join for the rest of her life. When the society was formed, the factions were created to maximize the use of their members’ strongest attributes. The Dauntless embodied courage and were the protectors; Erudite were the thinkers and creators; Candor were the truth-speakers; Amity were peacemakers; and Abnegation were the selfless and therefore the general overseers. But as time has passed, some of the initial traits have been corrupted and hunger for power has entered the picture.

As Beatrice begins her initiation as a Dauntless initiate, she find herself becoming confused and frustrated by the cruelty of many of her fellow initiates and the other members of the faction. She is also a 16 year old living away from her family and unsure of who or what she wants to become. As worlds and philosophies collide and begin to fall apart, Tris, as she has named herself, is forced to make decisions and judgments that would stymie many adults and often under great duress.

Despite its fantastical premise, this is, in essence, a coming of age story very well told and peopled by believable characters. I often found myself driving at and even below the speed limit to get more listening time in before reaching my destination! As the first book of a trilogy, it ended with the story hanging and me eager to get to book two.



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