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Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi

Let me put it this way – if you do not work in a library but you are a big library user (which, if you are reading this, you probably are) then you will find Love Overdue cute, charming, and sweet.

However, if you do work in a library, then you will find this book irritating, condescending, and maybe just a little cute, charming, and sweet.

Some clarifications need to be made before I continue:

Not everyone that works in a library wears their hair in a bun ( even more so for the males).
Not everyone wears sensible shoes (OK, I do. But check out my co-workers – they wear amazing styles!).
Not everyone wears glasses on the tip of their nose (OK, once again, I do. But just for reading!).
Not everyone in a library wears frumpy suits (actually, not one single person does that here).

All that aside, Love Overdue is the story of Dorothy Jarrod, who has recently moved to a small town in Kansas to (you guessed it) become the head librarian in a very small, dated library. DJ (as she likes to be called) is really excited about making a fresh start. Her whole life has been mundane, except for one small indiscretion. While on vacation on her 21st birthday, she met the “hot guy” and engaged in a few activities she would rather forget. Now jump ahead 10 years, and here she is with a whole new life ahead of her and her past behind her. Or so she thinks…


Read alike series: Library Lover’s Mysteries


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