The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin

Expand51ZLFa3uafL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_ing on the principles set forth in “Liberty and Tyranny” and “Ameritopia,” conservative radio host Mark Levin presents solutions to America’s woes in his new book. The Liberty Amendments is a collection of ten amendments to the Constitution that Levin is calling on the states to adopt. He references Article V of the Constitution, which allows “Legislatures of Two Thirds of the Several States” to petition Congress to “call a Convention for proposing amendments.” The ten amendments address term limits for Congress and Supreme Court Justices; the repealing of the 17th amendment (which allows for direct election of senators); the limitation of federal taxing, spending, and bureaucracy; the promotion of free enterprise through a narrow interpretation of the Commerce Clause; the protection of private property; and voting reforms. The book is a well-reasoned and carefully crafted treatise, and Levin went so far as to write out the text of each amendment! However, this is an exercise in futility, unless the Red States are reading this book and petitioning their legislatures to take action. Levin even admits that this method of amending the Constitution has never been attempted. Passing one amendment is hard enough, but ten?? I’d venture to say it’s impossible.


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