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Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark by Bill Dedman

download (4)Empty Mansions is the biography of Huguette Clark, an heiress that really no one has heard about! She was the daughter of W. A. Clark, a multi-millionaire that earned his fortune in the copper mines in Montana.
W. A. Clark was also a state senator, but again, no one really knows much about him.

When Huguette Clark died at the age of 104 in a Manhattan hospital in 2011, she was worth millions. She was virtually a recluse, living in her hospital room for over 20 years. She would only agree to see a small number of people; a friend or two and her nurse. Attorneys and accountants that worked for her for years never once laid eyes on her. They did not even have her telephone number, as she always contacted them. Same thing with friends and relatives. When she died, most people did not even know where she was. She had kept and maintained several million-dollar estates all over the country, but had not been inside any of them for decades.

And she gave away millions and millions of dollars. And in her will, wanted to give away even more.

Was she crazy, or just a nice woman that became a prisoner of her own wealth? Find out in this fascinating story that reads more like a novel.



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