Karen / Women's Fiction

Vintage by Susan Gloss

downloadA cozy without a mystery. That is the best way to describe Vintage, the story of Violet Turner, a young woman who owns Hourglass Vintage, a clothing and accessories boutique in Madison Wisconsin.

The novel begins when Violet learns that the owner of her building (and home as well; she lives above the shop) has plans to sell. Violet has always believed that she had the right of first refusal, but it turns out this is not the case. Anyway, there is no way she could come up with the money to buy now, as this once up-and-coming neighborhood is now very trendy. And expensive.

Violet needs all the help she can get to figure her way out of this one. She so loves her shop, and her home, and her customers. Well, it turns out that these “customers” may end up being some of the best friends she could have ever hoped for.

Throw in some light romance, add some interesting facts about retro clothing, and you have this great read. So grab a cup of tea, curl up in a comfy chair, and enjoy!


Read-alike: The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.


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