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The Reading Circle by Ashton Lee

51xXantPO6L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Back in April of 2013, I wrote a blog on the first book in this series, The Cherry Cola Book Club. I went back and read that blog, curious to see what I had written. Apparently, I liked it.

Well, not so much with the follow-up, The Reading Circle. While the small town setting and characters is still there, the story line this time is just a little too neat and draws a lot on the premise that everyone has read the first title. Once again, Library Director Maura Beth Mayhew is trying to save the Cherico, Mississippi Library from the big bad politicians. Once again, her new friends rally around her by supporting her book club.

Now, while the male members of the community play a bit more into the plot, it is still pretty much the same. However, once again, if you like small town cozy novels, and in particular love libraries, then you will probably enjoy this.


Read-alike title: Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi.


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