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Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster

download (1)Talk about sibling rivalry! Jen Lancaster’s novel, Twisted Sisters, brings this to a whole new level.

Reagan Bishop really does have it all. A psychologist with a primo spot on a reality television series, good looks, wonderful education, an awesome brownstone in a great Chicago neighborhood, and a large close-knit family. Well, all that is true, except the close-knit family part. Reagan has never felt like a real part of her family. She is convinced that her parents favor her sisters Mary Mac & Geri, and this is perplexing to her. After all, she is the one that graduated with honors. She is the one on television. Mary Mac is married and her only accomplishment is annoying children. And Geri, well, she is even worse. She lives in her parent’s basement and is a hairdresser. That’s right – a hairdresser. And yet, through her sister’s obvious manipulations, they are the ones that have friends and are happy. Soooo unfair!

When Reagan’s career starts to falter and she needs help desperately, she turns to her New Age friend and co-worker Deva, who has a plan. (This is where the novel becomes a bit unrealistic/ridiculous, but just go with it) Reagan begins to inhabit other people’s bodies to help them with their phobias. However, one night Reagan decides to try her own bit of magic by inhabiting her sister Geri’s body, and learns quite a bit about family, love and forgiving in the process.

Is this a great novel? No, of course not. But it is well written and a fun read as long as you can suspend belief and have a good time with it.


Read-alikes – read some of Jen Lancaster’s non-fiction and you will see what a great writer she really is.


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