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The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

18505794Move over Jackie Collins – there’s a new kid on the block of glitzy, glamour (trashy?) fiction. Sara Shepard, best known for the teen series Pretty Little Liars, has written her first adult novel, The Heiresses. And I loved it!

Meet the Saybrooks, owners of a diamond empire. They have it all – money, fame, money, style, money, secrets. Oh yes, secrets. Perhaps even a family curse. The story focuses on the Saybrook cousins, each with her own cross to bear. One has pre-wedding jitters, one is in love with her cousin’s husband, and one is about to commit suicide. Toss in some unscrupulous parents, siblings & friends, and you have quite the New York scene. Finally, throw in a gossip blog and drop some celebrity names – and you have it all!

Pure fun.


Read-alike author: Tilly Bagshawe

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