Karen / Women's Fiction

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

To be captioned by Picture Desk

One Hundred Names is a story of friendship and second chances.

Kitty Logan is feeling as low as anyone can go. As a journalist, she has just broken the number one rule – be sure your facts are straight on before you run with a story. But Kitty is hungry and caught up and makes the biggest mistake of her life. On top of that, her mentor, Constance, is dying. On her deathbed, she asks Kitty to tell the one story she never got to tell. But the only clue she gives Kitty is there is a list in her office of 100 names. That is all she says – not who these people are or what Constance wanted written about them.

After Constance dies, and with no other job prospects, Kitty takes on her mentor’s wish. She finds the list and starts to contact the people, one by one. Slowly, she realizes that these people have no link to Constance or each other. So why did she want their stories told?

Find out in this intriguing yet warm and charming novel.


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