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The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins

7e8c6-girl2bon2bthe2btrainRachel’s life is not in a very good place. Recently divorced and recently fired due to a very big problem with alcohol, Rachel spends a lot of time on the commuter train going back and forth into the city. And after awhile, commuters know that you begin to see the same things on your trip. Same homes, businesses, cars, and of course, people. The same people, doing their morning or evening routine. The same people, living their lives. The same people, day after day. After awhile, you feel you know them. You may even make up stories in your head about them.

But what if, one day, you witness something different. Maybe even something bad. What do you do?

This is exactly what happens to Rachel. Poor, wretched Rachel. She knows something is very wrong, but no one will believe her. After all, she is a pathetic drunk.

Did she imagine this? Or was she too drunk to know exactly what she witnessed?

Find out in this tense, psychological drama. Hard to believe that The Girl on the Train is a first novel. Cannot wait for more!


Read alike: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


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