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Lizzy & Jane: A Novel by Katherine Reay

19167656If you are looking for a gentle read about the importance of family, Lizzy & Jane has all the right elements.

Named for the famous Jane Austen characters, sisters Elizabeth & Jane could not be more different. Estranged since their mother’s death, they even live on opposite sides of the country. Elizabeth is a chef at an exclusive restaurant in New York and Jane is an artistic stay-at-home mom in Seattle.

When an illness brings the sisters back together, it is very difficult for them both. Both women are in rough, unknown places in their lives, and they really need each other. But do they know it?

With the Seattle restaurant/market scene as a back drop, this novel will be a big hit with all of the foodies out there as well. Plus the added bonus of many, many references to the great books of Jane Austen.

A lot to offer with this title.


Read alike author: Barbara O’Neal


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