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150 Pounds: A Novel of Waists & Measures by Kate Rockland

12091789Two successful bloggers, Shoshana and Alexis, meet on the Oprah Winfrey Show for a debate regarding weight and lifestyle. Alexis is very thin ( 100 pounds dripping wet!) and extremely rigid with her opinions about the kind of lifestyle women should maintain; Shoshana is much more relaxed (and larger – 215 pounds). Her attitude is be happy with the body God has given you and love yourself. 

Although there is not a clear winner of this debate, both women leave the show with a new determination to defend women of all body types. And this is where the novel gets interesting.

Flaws and triumphs are revealed, as well as a new understanding of what fit and healthy really means.

150 Pounds is not a feel good book by any means, but I am sure many women (and men as well) can relate to yo-yo dieting and image worries. This novel offers a bit of dispensation if only for a little while.


Read alike author: Meg Cabot


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