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New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick

51Po4tX7S8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_What female on this planet would not love this title???

New Uses for Old Boyfriends is another “woman falls apart and is forced to move back home to get on her feet again” story, but this one is full of good humor and some interesting fashion facts.

Lila Alders has always had it all, until her husband leaves her broke and she loses her high-powered flashy job. She is forced to return home, not only due to her financial situation but also to help her mother who is still grieving the loss of Lila’s father a year earlier.

But if Lila thought she was going to be able to rest and lick her wounds, she quickly learns that life in Black Dog Bay Delaware is no picnic either. It turns out her mother has been living in the dark, and is in danger of losing her home. All of Lila’s friends (and former beaus) have moved on.

Lila must act quickly to help her mother out, and decides to open a vintage clothing store with her mother’s collection of couture fashion. It turns out her mother was once a high-end model, much to Lila’s surprise. Will this revelation, along with a few others, end up saving Lila?

Find out in this entertaining novel.


Read alike:  Vintage by Susan Gloss


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