Carol / Humor

The Jesus Cow by Michael Perry

download (2)Place quirky characters in a small, rural town, add a calf born early on Christmas morning with the face of Jesus imprinted on its side and life gets more entertaining. Harley Jackson is trying to make ends meet on the surviving acres of farmland his father left him when his cow delivers the marked calf. As a subscriber to his late mother’s philosophy of living a simple, quiet life, which he knows will be impossible if this leaks out, his first reaction is how to avoid anyone seeing the calf.

He finally shares the news with his closest friend, Billy, who promises to keep the secret while Harley tries to figure out the next step. At one point, he even tries to cover the marking with black shoe polish! And then the female mail carrier sees the calf…

Before Harley is aware of the pictures going viral on social media, his yard is overrun and the world is arriving via the interstate. The secret is out and now his decisions are all about how to handle the ensuing chaos.

As event piles on event, Harley finds not only his own beliefs tested, but the true character of friends and acquaintances exposed as well – for good or not. Jesus Cow is laugh out loud funny in many places but is ultimately a thought-provoking allegory.


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