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In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

23899174Judy Blume is back with a wonderful adult novel that, on the surface, appears to be about a teenage girl growing up in New Jersey during the 1950s. But In the Unlikely Event is so much more! Although this is a work of fiction, the story line is based on three plane crashes that really did occur in this area during this time.

The novel focuses on 15-year-old Miri Ammerman, and how the horror of these crashes affect her and her friends and family. We must remember that airplane travel was very new and glamorous back then, and when this small town in New Jersey is hit, it hits hard. Remember, too, that the undercurrents and fear of communism and UFOs was also running rampant, and you can imagine how much torment was going around.

Judy Blume, in my opinion, captures perfectly the feel of that time on a young girl. Once again she has done what she does best, write about the feelings, hopes, and drama of young adult life.

Read-alike: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. This is her other adult novel.



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