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The Sound of Glass by Karen White

51sUwrukhPL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ There are many, many ways to describe Karen White’s newest novel, The Sound of Glass. Bittersweet comes to mind, as well as sad, heartwarming and beautifully written. This author is exceptional (in my opinion) when it comes to describing the settings for her novels. This time the story is set in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and involves long-ago buried family secrets.

Recently widowed Merritt Heyward has moved to Beaufort, South Carolina for a new start. She has just inherited her late husband’s ancestral home and even though it is very far away from her Maine roots, she has decided it is time to move forward. At the same time Loralee Connors, also a widow who happens to have been married to Merritt’s father, is also looking for a new start. She and her young son Owen decide to pay Merritt a visit at her new home in South Carolina. However, unlike Merritt, Loralee has her own reasons for her move…

In addition, Merritt meets a brother-in-law that she did not even know she had. Why didn’t her late husband Cal ever mention him or for that matter, anyone from Beaufort?

Why all the secrets?

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