Carol / Historical Fiction

The Other Daughter by Lauren Willig

23014679Set in 1920’s London, Willig gives a behind-the-curtain peek at the world of the Bright Young Things of the time. Rachel Woodley has rushed home from her governess position near Paris to reach her very ill mother’s side. Unfortunately, she is too late and now is left to clean out their cottage and try to get on with her life. When she discovers a recent newspaper photo in her mother’s papers, she is shocked to discover that her father, whom she believed long dead, is not only alive but an earl with a wife and two children. Once she confirms that he truly is her father and that her mother had been lying to her for years, Rachel decides to find a way into her half-sister’s world and ultimately expose her father.
With the aid of a new acquaintance with his own agenda but the right connections, Rachel enters into a complex charade; but once in, she finds this new world is not as simple and lighthearted as it appears. Her motives become muddied as she gets to know Olivia and realizes her sister is not the enemy.

The Other Daughter is more than a story about secrets kept and a longing for revenge, it’s about a young woman finding her true self and realizing she can choose who she really is and whom she wishes to become.


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