Horror / Karen

The Consultant by Bentley Little

 download (2)Horror author Bentley Little is back with his usual macabre twists; this time on corporate America.
The Consultant is the story of a software company in trouble. A merger has just gone down the drain, and the investors are worried.  The owner and Board of CompWare decide to hire a consultant to help them get back on track again, and BFG comes highly recommended. And Mr. Patoff,  their representative, seems at first to know his way around the corporate machine. Maybe too well?

Craig Horne, a senior staff member, is willing to go along with almost anything to save his job and the jobs of those that work for him. Maybe some of Mr. Patoff’s tactics seem a little, well, odd, but Craig urges everyone to be patient. Even when Mr. Patoff starts showing up at employees’ homes. Even when Mr. Patoff sends 300 emails in an evening. Even when his voicemails and memos are becoming increasingly inappropriate. And even when staff is forced on a CompWare retreat like no other retreat you could ever imagine.

Is the staff just fighting for their jobs? Or their lives?
This is classic Bentley Little.

Readalike author: Dean Koontz (in his early days)



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