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Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson

RosemaryLike many people, I have always been fascinated by the Kennedys. For a long time, I knew nothing about Rosemary, so I was excited to read that a credible author was telling Rosemary’s story. But it turned out to be a lot more than a biography. It is really the story of the entire Kennedy family and how Rosemary affected each of them. From Rose not really being able to deal with a special child to Joe not wanting any “talk” about his family that may impact his, and later his sons, chances for a political career. Then on to the Kennedy siblings, where the older ones were instructed to watch out for their sister instead of having their own fun to the younger siblings who, never really knowing their sister, still went on to be champions for the disabled. And finally, the guilt felt by all after Rosemary’s “surgery”.
Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter is an interesting look at one of America’s most well-known families. And not necessarily interesting in a good way.

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