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The Rumor: a Novel by Elin Hilderbrand

go0618elin-001Remember the game “Telephone”? You probably played it as a child. Here is the version that my friends and I played: Person A whispers a secret to Person B. (You can only say it once.) Then Person B whispers what they heard to Person C. (Again, only said once.)  Person C then whispers it to Person D. And so on and so on. Finally, the last person says the secret aloud. Of course, everyone starts laughing because usually the secret sounds nothing like it did when it originated with Person A.
 This pretty much sums up the plot for Elin Hilderbrand’s newest novel, The Rumor.
Grace & Madeline are best friends, living their seemingly perfect lives in Nantucket. But of course, nothing is perfect. Madeline’s a writer with writer’s block and has a son that is in love with her best friend’s daughter who may be seeing someone behind his back. Grace’s daughter is trying to have her cake and eat it too, and Grace’s husband is keeping the fact that they are almost broke a secret from his wife. Plus Grace finds herself more and more drawn to the handsome landscape architect. This is just the beginning of the secrets that are inside the public image that these ladies have worked tirelessly to maintain.
So how are the secrets exposed? Well, through rumors of course. And we all know what can happen when a rumor gets started. That’s right…Telephone!

Read-alike author: Dorothea Benton Frank


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