Award Winning / Karen / Romance / Suspense/Thriller

Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz

81oMo3B4l0LOver 18 years ago, an event takes place in the lives of best friends Daphne & Madeline that is never spoken of again. That is, until a death occurs. Madeline’s grandmother has just died, leaving her the hotel that she vacated on that awful night so long ago. Now she has received an unusual message from the caretaker, asking her to return to Cooper’s Island. Things just keep getting worse as another death occurs, and Madeline realizes she needs Daphne’s help to solve the mystery of not only what happened to her grandmother but to try and explain what happened to the two of them on that night so long ago. With the help of the head of her hotel security and his brother, the four of them try to piece together the buried secrets of the island’s residents.

I have always felt that Jayne Ann Krentz was very good at writing romantic suspense, and Secret Sisters is no exception. Quite the page turner!

Read alike author: Erica Spindler


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