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Death in the Haymarket by James Green

As is written in the subtitle, Death in the Haymarket is a true story of “Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America”.

On May 4, 1886, a bomb was thrown into a group of policemen who had been called to a labor rally that was supposedly becoming riotous. Seven policemen eventually died, as well as four civilians. To this day, no one knows who threw the bomb. However, eight “anarchists” were tried and convicted, seven were sentenced to death and one was sentenced to 15 years. Four were eventually hanged.

Most people have heard of the Haymarket Affair, so the discussion really centered on James Green’s account of it. He meticulously researched every aspect of the Affair, and made sure to give a fair view of both sides. The participants in the discussion were divided at this point; you either loved the 40 pages of notes alone or you didn’t. Whichever side you were on, no one could dispute how well done this book was and all would highly recommend it.



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