Historical Fiction / Karen

Rare Objects by Kathleen Tessaro

Rare Objects is one of those interesting novels that just does not seem to go anywhere, but in the end you don’t mind because the book has been so, well, interesting.

Set during the Depression, this is the story of Maeve Fanning, daughter of an Irish immigrant single mother. Maeve wants more out of life than her working class Boston neighborhood can give her, even though a brief adventure in New York turned out disastrous. Alcoholism that lands you in a sanitarium is not something you want to discuss much! Through some clever maneuvers and a small about of deceit in the way of blonde hair dye, May (as she now calls herself) lands a job in an upscale antique shop on the right side of Boston. Here she can meet all of the right people and be seen at all of the right places. But is that really the right move for her? Especially after she runs into a “friend” she made during her stay at the sanitarium…

Those that are into antiques and/or archaeology should find this novel especially interesting, while those just looking for a good read should be satisfied due to the decent writing. Just not a lot going on here.



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