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Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t going to read (or listen) to this book. I’m not really big on “do this one thing to improve your life” type books (generally amplified when they’re by a celebrity) – not that some of them aren’t great and probably helpful. Then I was listening to a podcast and one of my favorite bloggers raved about this book; so I decided to give the audiobook a try during my commute.

It is fantastic (at least I thought so)! Shonda Rhimes does the actual audiobook narration and it feels like she is just having a conversation with you. And her Year of Yes is not a just say yes to everything and anything and good things will come to you experiment; her yeses are well thought out and purposeful, the whole point is to step outside her comfort zone and make her life better and very clearly just saying yes won’t do that – there is even a whole section on saying yes to saying no. Also, even though she is a celebrity she is a writer and storyteller (Grey’s AnatomyScandalPrivate Practice, How to Get Away with Murder) and the book reflects that; her anecdotes are crafted entertainingly, her words are chosen with care, and her writing has a wonderful rhythm.

Even if your life is amazing and you don’t want to say yes to anything else, Rhimes‘s book is still funny and insightful. I have never actually purchased an audiobook in my life, but I am considering starting with this one (and at least it can be digital so I won’t have to add to my already to cramped bookshelves).




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